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Mar 25, 2017

The one where we get stuff done


Hello, and welcome to episode 37 of the Creative Me Podcast.

This week I co-hosted my first webinar with the lovely Frank Degenaar (who I have interviewed on the Creative Me podcast before, listen here).

The experience of doing the webinar, and subsequent chats in The Lightbulb Club, highlighted a general feeling amongst busy people that there are not enough hours in the day.

Not Enough Hours in the Day?

How many times have you said that? I say it all the time.

Of course, we all have the same 24 hours, but what's different is that we have different commitments we have to attend to. What's left over is the time you get to spend on perhaps your business or your creative pursuits.

The question is how can we maximise that time?

Are You Setting Yourself Up For Failure?

One of the biggest problems is that we are setting ourselves up to fail.

Does this sound like you? You've completed all of your necessary daily tasks and for the time you've got left you set 12 huge to-do items...

Are you being realistic about the time that you've got to do these tasks? I think probably not.

Many of use have a massive list of to-dos and don't give any consideration to how long each task takes. There is a distinct mismatch between what we are expecting of ourselves and the time that we've got available. We are not being realistic.

Specific and Realistic

When working out how to spend your time, try to be specific and realistic.

Specific: clearly identify what needs to be done and estimate, as accurately as you can, how long each task will take.

Realistic: then, only schedule tasks to fit into the time allowed - be realistic.

If you're giving yourself 10 tasks that take an hour each and you have two hours to do this work then it's just not going to happen!

Most Important Tasks (MITs)

I always operate on an MIT basis. I have trusted place, where I dump everything I need to do at some point (David Allen - Getting Things Done).

I pick my three most important tasks, assuming that those three tasks are specific and realistic, and add them to my whiteboard. In the absence of a whiteboard, I'd use post-it notes or a piece of paper.


If you really want to maximise the time that you've got available you should schedule pretty much every second of that time. You might find the Pomodoro Technique useful for chunking up your time.

Sleep Well, Rise Early

A great way to maximise the hours in your day is to get a decent night's sleep and get up early.

There's nothing like being up at 6 am and cracking on with some work and feeling like you've done something really valuable before anyone in the house is up.

Don't Multi-task

Just don't do it! I explain why in my free ebook, The Quick and Dirty Guide to Getting Stuff Done (click the button below to download it).

Learn to Say No

The final thing I'd really like to leave you with, this is a biggie - learn to say no.

I understand there are certain things you cannot say no too, but equally, there are things you can.

Practice makes perfect.

Wrap Up

Those are my thoughts but I am far more interested in yours.

Are you too hard on yourself? What productivity tools do you use? Perhaps you use the Eisenhower Matrix or the 1-3-5 method - I'd love to know.

Leave a comment below, grab me on social media or drop into The Lightbulb Club and chat.

Thanks for tuning in - I hope you'll tune in next time.