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Nov 5, 2016

The one where share strategies for managing my learning obsession.


Hello, and welcome to the show.

It’s so great to be back. I took a couple of weeks off to do some administrative tasks. I’m working on updating the previous episodes of the podcast, so the show notes are more of a transcript. Confession time: I got a couple done, but not all of them. So, I think what I will do is set myself the goal of updating one episode a week, over the next few months, and hopefully everything will get done.

On the subject of setting goals, today’s episode is all about managing your learning.

My Learning Obsession

Hello, my name is Martine, and I am obsessed with learning… which is just as well because I spend half the week working as a teacher.

I’m constantly hungry for new information. There is such an amazing plethora of information out there that it’s very easy to get overwhelmed.

Surely I can’t be alone? There’s got to be other people out there like me.

I love courses, e-books, free online resources. I love going to the library. Anything I can watch, read or listen to… I want it! Are you the same as me, I wonder?

Strategies for Managing Your Learning Obsession

Due to this [very positive and productive] obsession, I’ve been forced to come up with strategies for managing my learning. And that’s what I’d like to share with you in today’s episode.

Here are three, perhaps four, ways to keep on top of things.

Get Pocket

The first tip is to use a free app called Pocket. Pocket is a “read it later” app.

I use Pocket mainly in my browser via a Chrome extension. There are also mobile apps so, depending on how you consume content, you can use Pocket pretty much anywhere online.

The reason pocket is helpful for managing your learning is that it allows you to defer your learning. If you’re in the middle of a task, for example, you’re researching something, and you get distracted by an unrelated blog post, you can send it to your Pocket. Instapaper is an alternative “read it later” app.

Schedule Learning

My second tip is to schedule a time to consume all this content. It is far more organised to consume content in specific time blocks than to be distracted by it. Your learning will be better, and you will be more productive.

Log Your Learning

The next tip is to use a project management system to log and manage everything you’re consuming that doesn’t go into Pocket, for example, e-books and online courses.

I manage all of this is through my project management tool of choice Trello.

Have a look at my public Learning Trello board below. You can copy this version to your Trello board by clicking the button below the screenshot.



Use Audio

Audio is my favourite way to consume content because it’s efficient.

Podcasts are great – there is an incredible range of podcasts relating to your niche that can help you learn. You just need to look for them.

I love listening to audiobooks. I have some fiction on the go but also some non-fiction, with an educational emphasis, so I get the best of both worlds.

If you’ve not listened to an audiobook before, give Audible a try. And perhaps join my online book club!

Wrap Up

That’s all from me today. Feel free to leave comments on the show notes or chat to me on Twitter martineeellis. Thanks for tuning in – I hope you’ll join me next week.