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May 26, 2017

The one where I ask a difficult question.

Show Notes

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What is content marketing?

  1. Content: blog posts, newsletter, videos, ebooks, swipe files etc.
  2. Marketing: drawing attention to your product or service.

Sharing free content is a great way to raise awareness of your product and help prospective customers start to know, like and trust you.

People live their lives in weekly cycles.

Are you spending too much time creating content?

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May 14, 2017

The one where I share my seven top tips for teaching online.


Welcome to episode 45 of the Creative Me podcast. Today we're talking about teaching online.

Teaching online covers a whole host of different things, from written and photo tutorials, to online course, to YouTube videos. My tips cover the whole lot!

Seven Top Tips For Teaching Online

  1. Start with the end in mind. What will your learners achieve by the end of your tutorial or video? Set an aim and objectives and where possible, use assessment to check for learning.
  2. Use simple, straightforward language. Explain any industry jargon you might use. Consider supplying a glossary or word bank if you are teaching learners to use new vocabulary. 
  3. Ensure your photography is well lit and appropriately cropped. The same applies to video. If you are using video, your audio quality should be the best you can manage.
  4. Many learners love handouts, printables and workbooks. is an amazing free tool for producing images, workbooks and handouts.
  5. Use quizzes or self-assessment methods where possible, so the learner knows if they have achieved what is expected of them.
  6. Be engaging, be motivational, but be yourself.

Please note, this is a very brief transcript. To find out more about these top tips, listen to the audio.

Wrap Up

That's all from me today, thanks for listening and I hope you'll tune in next week.

May 12, 2017

The one where I get sucked into the Instagram hashtag rabbit hole.


Welcome to episode 44 of the Creative Me podcast. Today we're talking Instagram, or more specifically, Instagram hashtags.

Do you have an Instagram hashtag strategy? Do you even know what an Instagram hashtag strategy is?

Well, you know what? Up until recently, I didn't know what one was, and I definitely didn't have one.

But I have been noticing quite a few people that I follow seem to be using hashtags quite strategically. So, I decided to do a bit of research, implement some changes, assess the results, and then report back.

I've really noticed an improvement to my reach with Instagram through using this approach to hashtags so, of course, I wanted to share it with you.

How Many Hashtags?

Instagram allows you to use up to 30 hashtags per image. I suggest you use all 30, but discreetly. 

Should I Use the Same Hashtags Every Time?

Yes! That said, I do change mine up for motivational quotes, but just a little.

How Can I Hide My Hashtags?

This great video demonstrates the method perfectly:

How Do I Choose Hashtags?

You need to do some research.

If you select hashtags that have millions of images attached to them that hashtag is not helpful in getting additional visibility for your images.

You can research hashtags using the mobile app for Instagram (search/tags).

Type something relevant and start exploring the suggested tags. Also look at other Instagrammers in your niche and see which tags they are using. 

For your 30 tags, pick ones that have at least 4000/5000 posts associated with them, because they are popular.

I wouldn't go over 500,000 - anything bigger than one million and you are not going to get seen.

Where Do I Start?

To start your hashtag research pick words to describe your ideal customer avatar or your business. 

Make a note of the hashtags you chose (download my free printable below for this).

[At this point in the episode I do some live research on hashtags - forgive me but this does not transcribe very well, so you'll just need to listen again.]

How Do I Use My Hashtags?

Type your hashtags (and 5 dots) into the text editor on your device (e.g. notes, Evernote etc). Copy and paste them when you need them.

Or if your mobile device has an auto text function - use that. On iOS you can find 'text replacement' in general settings/keyboard. Note that the 5 dots do not work with this method.

Achieve Inbox Zero

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Wrap Up

That's it from me today. I hope you enjoyed the episode and I hope you'll tune in next week.



May 5, 2017

The one where I remind you to look after yourself.


Welcome to episode 43 of the Creative Me podcast. Today I'm talking about self-care for the self-employed.  

What I'm going to say today isn't anything new. You've heard this all before. But I think it's a really important reminder.

About Me

Let me tell you a bit about me because I think it'll put the reason for this podcast episode into context.

I work half of my week as a lecturer at our local further education college. My job is teaching teachers. I run our initial teacher training programme, and also I train my teaching colleagues to use technology in the classroom.

I work Monday all day, Tuesday afternoon and evening and Wednesday all day.

This means I have Tuesday morning (when I should be resting), as well as Thursday and Friday all day to work on my own business. If I'm honest, I've been working Saturday and Sunday too...

My husband pointed out to me that this is not OK. Hence the reason for this podcast episode.

Here are my top tips for looking after yourself when you are self-employed:

Schedule Rest Time

First up, it's controversial: schedule rest time. Don't work all weekend. Rest is different to sleeping, by the way!

Take Breaks

Schedule short breaks.

If you were working in an office environment, and working for someone other than yourself, you would absolutely make time for breaks: one in the morning, one in the afternoon (either side of a lunch break).

Go Outside

I tend to lose focus around 3 pm, so I walk the dog.

Movement is important, particularly if you sit at a computer all day. It helps focus too.

Plan Your Day Around Your Focus Levels

Planning your day around your most focused time is also a really good strategy for self-care because you maximise the time that you are working.

So, if like me you're way more focused and energetic in the morning, get the bulk of your work done. If you're more of a night owl, flip things round.

As long as you are scheduling breaks and rest time, this can work well.


Drink 2 litres of water a day.

Most of us work in a state of dehydration and dehydration is bad for you. It gives you headaches and can make you feel quite unwell.

If you really don't like drinking plain water infuse your water with fruit or herbs.

MIT Strategy

My final tip is essentially a productivity tip, but it relates to self-care because it's all about not placing too high an expectation on yourself.

Exercise the MIT ("most important task" strategy. Identify your most important task or tasks for the day (3 maximum) and work on these. 

You still need a trusted place for other to-do items (get them out of your head and onto paper or virtual paper). But your day plan should fit on a post-it note!

For the Weekend Side-Hustlers

Get up earlier, work during your commute or sacrifice some Netflix time in the week.

By doing this, you can reclaim so rest time at the weekend and be ready for the following week.

Let's Discuss

If you'd like to discuss this topic more, chat with me and a group of lovely people in The Lightbulb Club.

Achieve Inbox Zero

I'll be raising the price of my (currently free!) online course Achieve Inbox Zero on 1 June 2017. So If you've not done the course, get in there fast. Feel free to tell your friends too.